TDG Healthcare: Productively Passionate

We are healthcare recruitment marketing experts with passion for all we do. TDG Healthcare is a full-service recruitment-advertising agency that specializes in building strong employer brands and creating targeted recruiting campaigns for some of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organizations.

What does it mean to be productively passionate? For us, it’s a constant reminder to think boldly, while remembering the lessons we’ve learned through our years of focused experience. There’s always something new and exciting on the horizon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit. We think about our client’s challenges, and then we think about them some more. When we act, it’s with full confidence that we’ve explored all the viable options. At that point, we can let our passion take over and attack the plan with unbridled Enthusiasm.

As one of the only advertising firms in the country to focus exclusively on recruitment marketing for the healthcare sector, our clients range from a 52-bed long-term acute care specialty hospital to a health system with more than 20,000 employees. Each client has goals for their talent acquisition and retention initiatives. What results are most important to your organization? Improving applicant flow from quality candidates? Reducing time-to-fill? Changing skill mix? Reducing your dependence on staffing agencies? Expanding or reinventing your employer brand? Our single focus on recruitment marketing for the healthcare industry gives us unique insight to help you connect with the right candidates. We provide the products, services and expertise you need to attract top-notch healthcare talent and improve your hiring metrics.

Most of all, we’re based out of Austin, Texas, where technology has created an environment of progress and cutting-edge thinking. We gather the best of that entrepreneurial spirit and, combined with our experience, provide an innovative perspective that’s effective, efficient and always mindful of the bottom line.